RETHINK: grad piece

So for those of you that don't know, I am graduating in in roughly 3 months...ok more like 2... ( ohhhh the stress levels just went up a bit with that realization). The following is my final piece for the RETHINK project that all of us grads were asked to complete. With the theme " Sheridan Illustrators are the answer" we all recieved an "answer" to illustrate.  ( answers that were complied by the student themselves via survey style)

My "answer": 1 in 82 Sheridan students started illustrating because they wanted to draw all the stories their nan told them.

I thought this was quite fitting as I love drawing old people/nan/grams/glasses/knitting.


Tee Time!

This was a fun little side project I did and may continue to do just for the fun of it! Design by Humans is a fun site where artists can upload t-shirt designs and then through a voting system may potentially get their design but on a tee! How fun is that?? Art AND fashion!

Here is my first one, with my fun "sweet words" Character! So follow the link below and VOTE:)



Thesis Part Deux

New semester, new thesis. For my last and final semester of school, I am doing a series of illustrations entitled " If Food Were People," or more appropriately, " I live next door to a pineapple." My first piece was more of a warm-up and test run. There are things I want to change about it already and also things I won't be using in the rest of the pieces. I think I may move to acrylic for the next one and I definitely won't be doing the collage thing...( background).  Here it is: the hamburger.

the hamburger.


Salon Work

While visiting home ( NB) I got a really fun commission. The Salon my sister was working at, (blonde inc) saw my work and fell in love with a print I had done a year and a half ago. They wanted me to reproduce it onto 3 HUGE canvases.  ( 24X36) and they are now currently displayed over their washing stations! It was a fun task and I managed to get a few blurry 'in progress' pics with my phone before I gave them in.