Melamine me...

Remember that time I told you about my little 50's dinnerware obsession? No? You can recap on my last purchase here.

Now onto my newest melamine find. I walked into this little vintage furniture boutique on queen west a few weeks ago and my eyes were immediately drawn to these speckled, pastel beauties.

Not only did I manage to find SEVEN amazing melamine pieces BUT they were also in my colors...ANNND ONLY $10 FOR THE ENTIRE SET. Upon cleaning them later that night I found a small sticker that read "set of 7 $32.50." Looks like my $10 purchase was supposed to be a little bit steeper. One person's absent mindedness is another person's treasure trove of thick plastic dinnerware.

On another note: I am in love with this three toned shift dress from Romwe. It's a cotton candy dream!

Dress: Romwe
Shoes: ebay


White, Blue and Pink Collared

Ahhhh I finally finished one of my on going illustration projects...I think. I really wanted to complete this as I'll be using it in my revamp of my website in the coming weeks. In between work, comissions (ps working on branding a little marshmallow business at the moment... basically so excited to start this), running ( I have a few half marathons coming up and I'm looking to get under 1:43 before the year is up), keeping social as to not make my friends think I am a hermit, and trying to wash my hair at least twice a week...personal time is really difficult to come by.

You don't even want to see how much laundry I have to do. Although I am very up on the vacumming and housework. A clean house makes a happy house! But oh my, the laundry....

Without further ado, I present--- White, Blue and Pink Collared. The classes of fashion.

and potential framer: