Tiny Toadstool has Arrived!

 After drooling over all of the gorgeous berets from Tiny Toadstool for months, my mom surprised me with the funds to order one for my birthday in April. Shan Shan, the amazing designer/blogger/ fashion guru was just a delight to correspond with! The poor girl must be bombarded with orders, and I was told from the beginning it would take approx. 4 months to get my adorable little beret:) Well low and behold, a little over 5 months later (yes, very suspenseful time) my little blush pink/cafe/cream beret arrived!!!

It was like getting a tiny precious baby delivered by the stork. I was sooooo excited and wear it all the time. It came JUST in time for the fall weather and I am ever so happy:)

Thank you so much Shan Shan!!! It's more lovelier than I could imagine.

Top: Asos
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: H&M
Tights: Asos


Darcy ILLUSTRATED ( by 8 year olds)

Every Friday I look forward to my Jr. Lollipop (ages 8-12) Art Club at Lollipop Art Lounge. Last week was the very first class of the fall season and I decided to give a lesson on drawing from life and the benefits of keeping a sketchbook for this purpose. ( and yes this is totally a case of practice what you preach...which I don't...oops.)

We did some blind contour activities, (which brought on a bout of hilarious giggles) and then to end the lesson they did their very first life drawing. The model...me of course! They did such an awesome job and  I think they captured my Dorothy Perkins lemon top and vintage, mint green earrings with the outmost pizzaz:)

Matthew observing

neccessary red hair

"MRS." Darcy


my little artists



Penny and Velvet

I purchased this adorable vintage, velvet, bow headband from a quaint little antique store in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It's so large and floppy and a gorgeous crushed navy. Penny wanted to join in on the fun! Little does she know I'm in the works of getting her her very own little hat from Etsy:)

Cotton Candy...or....

I finally finished that darn Cotton Candy piece. I was playing around with the colors and kinda liked the lime-aide  look of the 2nd. Although, if you know me, I'm a true cotton candy-er at heart.


It's a Boyfriend

Commissioned piece that was recently wrapped up. I've been doing a lot of commissions as of late that are all gifts for a loved one. The gift of art!

This was for a teacher. I've never met him, but I thought, I bet he says good morning on a regular basis being a teacher and all.



I would like to dedicate this entire post to mine and Taylor's newest little bundle of sweetness, Penny. Yesterday, I feverantly jetted to PetSmart where they were having an adoption event with Forever Home Cat Rescue.

I had been eyeing some little kittens from their online database, however everyone I had inquired about had been adopted the evening before. When I read about Penny's ( then BlueBelle) story and saw how adorable she look, I thought, I CAN'T MISS HER TOO! When I got to PetSmart, I scanned for her little grey ball of fur and was so upset when I didn't spot her right away. BUT she was hiding in a little tube thing and my heart and Taylor's melted instantly.

Within minutes she was ours! She is a Russian Blue and is 8 weeks old. She is sooo cuddly and sweet and knew her way to the litter box right away:)

Forever Home Cat Rescue provided all of her first shots, the fee for her to get spayed when she is old enough, as well as free kitty litter, and a huge bag of free Purina Pro Choice food,  all for a discounted adoption fee of $125.

And trust me, she got plenty of amazing Martha Stewart cat toys and accessories. So excited to have her in our lives:)


NB treats

I have been somewhat absent in the last week. The reason: I was in NB visiting the fammy, sans imac. HOWEVER, I packed light and returned with a suitcase pack so tightly I literally used twist ties to keep the  zippers from opening.

So many new vintage clothing items, so much cute house additions found at garage sales and thrift shops. My sweet little sister Cassidy from Shorts & Sweets hemmed THREE dresses for me as she's become such an awesome little seamtress as of late.

The following outfit includes: A vintage Kitten printed scarf from the Saint John Value Village, A vintage knitted cream cape from Lovely Betty and a beautiful rusted high waisted skirt from good ole' H&M.

To match my outfit I came across these autumn colored MELAMINE mini plates and cups. (side note: I am in love with all that is Melamine. I got the whole lot for $5!

I also picked up this. Apparently you make pot holders with it. I am going to try and make a quilt.