C'est L'Halloween!!

This year I opted to be a bottle of ketchup. I remember trying to describe to people how I was going to pull it off.  I don't think they really got it until the whole thing came together.  I found this adorable little apricot vintage hat, and spray painted it white. ( trust me, my inner vintage self had chills doing this to such a cute hat) The red dress was an amazing find at Zara this past summer. It's actually one of my favorite dresses in my closet at the moment. That's why I opted for a "necklace" label, so as not to ruin my dress.

I hand painted the label and I noticed things on the label I had never really noticed before. Like why is there a pickle on it? Are there pickles in ketchup? Or is it a pepper? Confusion. Nonetheless I had a great evening amongst costumed friends! Happy Halloween everyone!

Penny dresses up too:) 



Newest piece. For a sweethoundstooth.
Penny is also pushing me to do something kitten related. I told her she had to wait in line.


Of the Cute Variety

You can now purchase, promote or just peruse my illustrations on Society 6.  As tech savvy as I am ( ok not THAT tech savvy, but you know...in the know) it still baffles me how they can just smack your art on an iphone case. LOVE IT.

So take a peek at some of the printed options, ( or just the iphone case cause it's just so darn cool) and pass it around to your favorite iphone user. Moreso iphone users with naked iphones...!!!

Here is the link: Darcy's Society6 page which will be updated frequently with art de darce. I'm working on ANOTHER cupcake peice at the moment ( I know, I know what's with all the cakes in cup varieties) BUT it's gonna look mint as an iphone case.


Pineapple-- of the Clothing Variety

Is it just me or should the leaves be more colorful by this time of year?! I have photos taken last year at a pumpkin farm in Niagara-on-the-lake from Taylor and I's 2nd year anniversary. We were frolicking in the copius amounts of yellows and oranges. Our 3rd year is coming up next week ( Oct. 27th yippee!) and it is as green and brown as EVER. The climate is just CA RAZE EEE. ( must be said in 3 pronounced syllables.)

ANYWAY, I finally pulled out my little pineapple skirt and turned it into a fall piece, just. like. THAT! ( I just snapped my fingers).

I also paired them with a LOVELY pair of hand felted mittens by Tiny Toadstool. And let me just say that I got these mismatched samples for a steal of a deal ( only $60!!!) and I can rest easy and think more of them as they are the only ones in the WORLD.

Skirt: Asos
Coat: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Mittens: Tiny Toadstool


Textile Art with my Little Lollipoppers!

My Little Owl ( ages 4.5-7) textile art class is one of my favorite classes to teach. I have so many cool ideas and mixing fashion into the mix makes things even more exciting!

Last week we created a pair of  Bleach Tye Dye leggings, or as I called them " Bubblegum Galaxy Tights." I'm pretty sure one of my students even threw in the word "Hollywood" or "Celebrity" Bubblegum Galaxy Tights. All you need are a pair of cotton leggings, a blend of  bleach and water and elastics. Darker colors like green, navy or purple work even better because those pigments are easy to remove. The lighter colors and of course red ( the hardest pigment to get out EVER) are a little trickier. But the subtly of the girls' leggings turned out really well. They were IN LOVE with them and they were absolutely adorable.

the process!

Bubblegum Galaxy Leggings

Teacher & Students aka models

 I love these gals!

This week we created our own Doily lanterns. After raiding the Value Village and Goodwill of all their round Doilies we went to town! All we did was layer the doilies onto the balloons with copious amounts of wallpaper glue. They are still drying but once completely done, we will pop the balloon and we'll be left with a gorgeous doily lantern. Add a light and you will have the prettiest shadows on the block!



Ok I'm trying not to be one of those annoying animal moms... ( shoot I think I may already be) but I couldn't resist posting a few pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We bought Penny a Harness and Leash, just so she could experience the outdoors in a fun, but secure manner. What we learned: she dislikes grass and the hot sun. Oh Pen Pen!