Merry ClothesMAS!

I love Fridays. (I actully love Mondays more because it's my day off,  which means it's my day to tie all the loose ends of my life up.) However, Fridays, I usually only start work at 12 and this means I can get up, wash my hair, eat a healthy, well thought out breakfast ( okay usually just a homemade smoothie and a boiled egg) and put more thought into my outfit.

Today I concocted this. And by concocted I mean I have never really worn any of these pieces. The skirt was worn once this fall....and that's about it. I've had this mustard, supersoft, cashmere acrylic vest from Topshop FOR-EV-ER and the blouse is a vintage piece from the 60's from Rosemary. Both worn for the first time today.

I also wish my tree was bigger.

I just wanted to wish everyone the merriest of merry times this Christmas season ( how's that for festive well wishes?) I am flying home the 19th of Dec, Penny in tow, and will be absent for awhile. My parents do not own a mac and I refuse to try and edit photos/ be tech-emersed on their horrible little HP's or Tobisha's or what ever they own up there. A little snooty...perhaps. I prefer not to be fustrated over the holidays:)

Vest: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Blouse: Thrifted


A present for a kitten

My newest illustration. It was finally time to devote a piece to Penny. She's been meowing like crazy and it's either a) because she's in heat or b) she wanted me to illustrate her cute self.  I chose b.  Here is Penny the Russian Blue:

Merry Christmas Penny!



Today I attempted to finish all my Christmas shopping. I am literally 2-3 presents away from being complete. I always end up picking up way more for people then I originally budgeted out. I'm a total sucker for the front cash goodies too. Everything is JUST SOOOO neat and a MUST HAVE there. REALLY!

I am in the works of getting a new winter coat...(like a legitimate Canadian winter coat) but until then I have been snuggling down in this Faux Fur beauty from Joe Fresh. I bought it last year once it had gone down 50% and it is just as beautiful as ever!

Coat: Joe Fresh
Leggings: Renue Boutique

OOOOOO AnnnddddDDDD...I also picked up some little treasures from Value Village today as well. Take a look at some of my favorite finds:

Vintage fabric for my next skirt. I couldn't pass up skipping girls and balloons...and leprechauns

A turquoise DOILY....it was love at first sight
A vintage Oscar de la Renta fruit Scarf. AND IT'S PEACH!


Lollipop Open House

I'm sorry for my leave of absence as of late. I have been SOOO busy, I've only had time to wash my hair twice in the last two weeks and my eyebrows have totally gone to the wayside.  On that unhygenic note, I am slowlyyyy but surely having some time to myself after work which means GYM, READING & DRAWING...oh and Christmas shopping online.

Much to my chagrin I cannot share recent Etsy purchases because they are for loved ones and then what would be the point of wrapping it up so lovely?! I realllly wish I could because I found some ADORABLE finds. I love buying presents!!

Ok first I would like to share with you what is at the top of my Christmas list this year. THIS IS WHAT IS WANT AND THAT IS ALL.

Ok and in further news, Lollipop had their very first open house. I was a part of a fabulous evening ( albeit quite & intimate) but a great time nonetheless. I had a little booth along with some other local artisans. I sold two Violet Brown books and two of my newly revamped LBDs ( Little Brooch Dresses).

Other artisans included, Taryn Gee,  Liv & Lily, Cupid's Cupcakes and Bluefrog jewelery. Here are some snip snaps!

Revamped Broochies!!



Taryn Gee!