Botched Batch

After 3 weeks of patiently awaiting, I received my precious mailers via UPS dude. I was so excited when he handed me my precious little box of postcards! As I fervently opened it, my excitement soon turned to glum bum as my eyes fell upon my work. one word came to mind: EW. The quality was REALLY nice as I had not only sprung for the 16pt dull matte super duper thick paper but also the rounded corners to go with my business cards. ( still awaiting those)

While the polka dot screamed beauty, the image I had worked with was a last minute throw in and being the impulsive, impatient person that I am, I sent my order in asap just to get it over with, instead of taking my time. Well if I would have A) worn my glasses B) looked carefully C) slowed down, I would have noticed the PURE FUZZINESS of my image as well as the NOT SO NICE text placement. what was I thinking???? In a moment of disparity, I sent in an order to Staples--48 postcards for $40. I know, pathetic. I will not have cute rounded corners, nor a nice dull matte finish. Although the image is high res and the back is still polka dot.

I have spent so much on these so called "MAILERS," which according to a lot of the art directors that have  spoken to our class, are pretty much redundant. I personally hate them and will never mail any out. It's a waste of money a waste of paper and a waste of my sanity. I'll stick to the business cards, which ultimately serve the same purpose.

What am I gonna do with 100 mailers??? Any suggestions?

ok the back IS pretty awesome.


Goes well with Shortcake

She smells of rocket candy and gummy bears. She comes across as sweet and cute but really, she has a horrible temper. She hates the words "NO" and "DON"T," and rarely does what people tell her to do. She has a size 4 foot. She loves white chocolate, lemon chiffon and berets. Her bedspread is a giant doily. This is, the Strawberry.


Lizzie Borden: A Muderous Sequential Narrative

A four panel narrative sequence based on the story of Lizzie Borden and her axe. For those that have never heard the rhyme, it goes a little something like this:

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

And my visual interpretation: ( when put side by side the arm connects and the 'who done it' is revealed!)


WARNING: Cavity Inducing : too sweet

She speaks just above a whisper. She smells of cotton candy, icing sugar and marzipan. She has yet to gain any frown lines as she never frowned. When she walks, a subtle, light tinkling noise can be heard, like the shattering of a pure crystal vase 500 miles away. She has 92 pillows on her bed and  wears cashmere and tulle. Rumour has it, they named "baby's breath" after her. This is, The Cupcake.


Violet Brown: REDUX

I decided to scrap most of my pervious attempts at Violet Brown as seen HERE
The story is still the same. The characters are still the same. Basically the whole aesthetics completely changed. ( except for the cross stitch dresses and bows...duh) I decided to share some of my process work to get a closer look at the pains and gains of MY book process.  I hope to have this all finished in the next week so I can send it in to BLURB and have it produced for my grad show.