Oh Meow, Mew Decor!

Well I sneaked this one in past Taylor! As said before, Taylor is not my number one decor fan. I get not every guy ( or girl) is a fan of candy colored, pastel softness, animal kitschy, vintage holiday items. I on the other hand, could live inside a candy shop if need be. (you can check it out here!)

I picked up these ADORABLE little kitten hangy thingies right before Christmas at work. They just screamed Allan-Brown apartment! They are made by Djeco, one of the cutest and most original/unique toy brands in the world. ( their website is also SUPER cute and interactive!!)They have some seriously talented illustrators/artist working for them. If you have kids or know kids that love art..GET SOME DJECO STUFF! Their decor line is also to die for. You'll have the cutest kids room on the block!

Penny was also a fan and spent a good 15 min just staring and probably wondering if she would be able to rip them down.



The Galaxy is Vast...and so is my wardrobe

My co-workers and boss seem to have caught on to my extreme love of clothing. They seem to have caught on so well, that they realized that mayyyybbbbeee I seem to spend more than the average person. It's true. We did some quick calculations and in a round about way, we figured that I could probably put a down payment on a house in 2 years with the amount I spend on clothes. I'm not even exaggerating.

SO THEY HAVE ISSUED ME A CHALLENGE. I am NOT allowed to buy ANYTHING except necessities like food, and toiletries and Hunter Socks, for TWO MONTHS. I know. Super difficult. I honestly don't know if I can do it, especially with S/S stuff coming out. So far, it's been a week and I have NOT bought anything. The boots from Shoedazzle did not count, b/c I already had a credit. AND I am currently in possession of a $10 gift card from Value Village.

Do you think I can do it???  April 2nd ( my birthday...how convenient) is the last day. IF I succeed they are graciously pooling in together to get a pair of leggings I have been waiting to be released from QooQoo. ( they are pale pink with bears all over them, enough said)

In 2 months I'll look at all I've saved, and hopefully work out a better budget ongoing.

IN OTHER NEWS: Check out my Black Milk Red Galaxy leggings Taylor bought for me:)  And how about those kitten wedges?!?

Blazer: H&M
Blouse: Asos
Leggings: Black Milk


A Li'l animal DIY

One day while perusing tumblr, I came upon this little crafty gem and thought...HOW CUTE AND ORGANIZATIONAL IS THAT?!

I took a bit of different twist on them and opted for white instead of the gold ( although I really opted for mint and peach but somebody aka the old BF, has been shunning my taste for candy colors in our apt and complaining our place looks more like a candy shop than a home...I disagree). 

The perfect home for things like notions and threads...basically anything your pet may ingest. 


These boots were made for purrrring

I GOT THEM I GOT THEM I GOT THEM!!! As mentioned before, I received my coveted Jeffery Campbell Litas. They are meow-y, and very comfortable all at the same time. These boots are the best "I'm really short, but appear tall, but am actually comfortable in doing so" in footwear.

The sweater is from a friend's incredibly fashionable online store called amelyn xo boutique. Beaded hearts and super soft to the touch...it was a must have. Dani Lyn ( owner and creator!) is also a magician when it comes to jewelery and I purchased a cute little pink skulled bracelet. The perfect addition to a super feminine outfit.


the sad post...but only a little and only once

First and foremost, Happy new year to everyone that stops by and peruses the li'lustrations of Darcy. It didn't really dawn on me that it's actually 2012 until I wrote out my rent cheque the other day.

Christmas was magical yet somewhat trying all at the same time. Seeing my friends and family was amazing and the Allan household was festive and bright as always. However, something happened that was not expected and was really very sad and difficult to deal with, especially at such a happy time.

I don't want to drag this out, so I will attempt to make this as concise as possible. Basically my little Penny  almost died. I had a really difficult couple of days beginning on Christmas Eve when she first started throwing up. After bringing her into the emergency vet ( $$$$), the vet found a piece of thread tied around her tounge. Two days later, after being stuck to an IV, having an enema, being sedated and kept over night, the vet came to the conclusion that Penny needed exploratory surgery ($$$$$$). She found a piece of black thread that went all the way from her stomach, through her intestines and bowels to her colon. It was completely removed and Penny is doing very well. She is almost back to her normal self  with a huge scar on her tummy. ( yeah she's cool now)

I honestly never knew how attached I could get to an animal. I spent an afternoon bawling, hating the feeling of not being able to make her better myself. I know that one day Penny won't be here anymore but I certainly didn't want her to leave only after 6 months. Call me crazy cat lady but she is honesty my little girl. If you're curious, Taylor and I shelled out over $1500 for the whole incident. See, children are expensive.

Moral of the story: keep thread and yarn out of reach of animals. I am now working on a very cute DIY project to involving mason jars, spray paint and little toy animals to house all my notions JUST IN CASE.

ALSO: if you're wondering I DID get my amazing Jeffery Campbell cat litas ANNDDDD Taylor totally surprised me with some Black Milk Galaxy Leggings. They will be fully showcased in the coming days.