A Happy Moonrise Halloween!

Hello! This year I worked extra hard and made myself  Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom. I bought this oversized dress via etsy. I got it taken in and then added the collar and cuffs myself thanks to a Men's size XL white shirt.

The saddle shoes were found via ebay for $5...I know what a deal/find! They are actually vintage Bass oxfords from the 1940's. Thank goodness for small feet!

I had a super fun time. While some thought I was Marsha from the Brady Bunch, a select few knew exactly who I was!! I think It was a popular costume this year, which usually I don't tread into. However I HAD to be Suzy Bishop...just had to!!!


Mia Farrow

I watched Rosemary's Baby for the first time the other day. I fell in LOVE. Everything about the movie was so amazing...the apartment, the wardrobe, frail little Rosemary...it was perfect!

I haven't done a portrait in a long time...and it's always been one of my favorite things to draw. Of course I put my own twist on it (Although stunning if done right, I am not a fan of symmetry nor realism as I find it quite boring to draw)

Here is my little tribute to the great Mia Farrow circa 1968.



Poor Greta...She made a mountain out of a mole hill!

Newest illustration!


The Vintage Cape

I've waited for this time of year since September began. It's officially cape wearing time. The thing is cape days are quite limited and you really only have a small window to wear them. Why? Because early September is really too early to don these wool babies. Novemeber is really too cold...sleeves are a necessity.

I have one vintage cape that is so adorable. It's hooded, but doesn't have any arm slots like this. So while it looks absolutly darling, it's unfortunately not that practicle. Usually I put all practicality out the window when it comes to fashion, however when it involves me being cold...I play smart. THOU SHALT NOT BE COLD.

I was super excited to wear this little mod skirt that I  found at Joe Fresh Kids.. ( perks of being really short and having no hips/shoulders what so ever...although this always ruins my dreams of wearing gorgeous women size dresses) I had a very important meeting today...(except I'm not allowed to say anything of this yet. I know, cruel) But I got up early, went for a run, wash and straightened my hair and chose this wonderful fall ensemble!

For those of you with capes, enjoy the beautiful cape weather!

Cape: Thrifted
Top: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Joe Fresh Kids
Shoes: Aldo


The Pants That Had a Tale of Folklore on Them

No joke...my pants tell a story. It looks like Toile but when you get a little closer...you see children, forests, an old man holding a monkey, and squirrels. So fun! And to think I bought them at Zara!!  I'm a dress girl at heart, but if the weather challanges your bare leg approach to life, then you might as well do the cover up with pants like these!

Pants: Zara
Chelsea Boots: Ebay
Sweater: Unknown ( I've had it since grade 10) 
Coat: Rothschild THRIFTED


Thanksgiving Weekend

This thanksgiving weekend was AMAZING! It was full of tasty yums, friends & family, pumpkin patches and even a little art!

On Saturday, I was asked by Tim Chan ( editor/founder of the lovely fashion magazine Cordoroy) to be a part of the newly formed MAVRIK MRK,  hosted by Mavirk Wine Bar on Queen West. I was one of four vendors who enjoyed this gorgeous, crisp autumn day! The Antique Appetite and Knead Bakery were among the vendors and both had delicious yummies for sale. I purchased and tasted an array of goodies from both and I can honestly say I filled up on desserts the entire day... no regrets on this one!

Saturday evening I headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake to celebrate turkey goodness with Taylor's family. They graciously invited Hilary ( my sister!) along. We spent the entire weekend eating and  catching up. We spent all day Monday at Howell's pumpkin patch...which was AMAZING! We went through a corn maze, watched little pigs race, went through a spooky barn, ate pumpkin sausages and homemade kettle corn and I purchased some lovely little pumpkins for the home.

FUNNY STORY INTERLUDE: As you can see from the photos, I wore a darling little red beret, a gift from Taylor's Mom and Dad---a lovely souvenir from their travels to Paris. ( They also brought me back a black one too!)

During the the pig races, they kept calling up all the little children, assigning them to one of the pigs whom all had appropriate piggy names ( Britney Squeal, Hammy Potter) then they would get a little rubber duck for participating. Well during the last round of races, they decided to call upon 4 adults. Well low and behold, my red beret was so bold and bright the lady called me down to the front and assigned me to Hogzilla. We then proceeded to give our best SOOOWEEE and do the hokey pokey in front of the entire crowd. Needless to say, the beret is definitely an eye catcher.

Oh and here are my little pumpkins I picked! I went with the white and Australian blue this year. A little stray from the traditional oranges, but they match my dining nook so well!!


Work it!

So as I've said a kajillion times, I live in a tiny apt. building. So in order to keep it looking clean, smart, and adorable--I clean, organize and paint things in all shades of pastels, primarily mint and peachy pink. ( pale peachy pink is my all time favorite color PS.)

So here is a little glimpse of my working nook. Almost everything you see here was either a)free b)refurbished c) thrifted.  Except my iMac and sewing machine.