New Items over at Tea With Gladys

New spring-ish items are available for sale on Tea With Gladys! With the help of my beautiful sister from a blonde affair, everything looks cute and ready for a a new home! Here are a few of my favorite items:)


Skirt Mode

Ok. So I have finally figured out how to make a simple elastic waist skirt. I know this is by no means a feat in the sewing world...(I honestly feel like Penny could make one. Paws and all. ) but it still feels good to make cute wearable pieces ALL BY MYSELF!

Now I can finally put all that vintage material I've been collecting to use. I'm also mastering bows too. Everytime I make something I think, well I better put a bow on it. ( on a side note, if you like it then you should have put a bow on it)

I fell in love with this vintage, super durable mint green fabric at Value Village. I got about 1m of it for 0.99.  I have enough of it to make one more. Anyone interested? ;)


dani lyn ayee: Fashion Photographer and Cute Human Being

I'd like to introduce a wonderfully adorable and super talented photographer Dani Lyn Ayee. Recently I helped out some wonderful people from the art of reuse: interim  for a Pop up store they had in Toronto this past Sunday. I was super bummed to not be able to attend as I was literally celebrating "Family Time" on Family Day weekend, but everything looks like it went swimmingly. Everything looked perfect!

Dani Lyn, ( yes we have the same middle name, exact same initials and our birthdays are exactly one month apart) photographed all the advertising and press for the opening. Her photography is amazing!! You can check out her photography  here as well as all the action over at Interim Women's.  Without her awesome talent I was basically a baby deer on roller skates, tramping around in flowy retro clothes:)

We actually had so much fun and if she ever needs the help of a short, ginger girl again--I'm there.


The Awkward Valentine

Because I will be too busy on Feb.14th to post anything, I decided to post this now. ( Busy working, not loving)

Happy Valentine's Day!


new li'l things i made

Ta da! Here are few little things that I whipped together this week! First up are some little gummi hearts for our valentine display. One of my favorite parts of work is making labels. I'm basically a label maker...but human. We had the cutest ribbon hanging around and thought it was a sweet touch!

Here is my very first sewn BOW via machine!! I'm not a knitter but my sewing machine and I are slowly but surely becoming better friends. I teach a introductory sewing class at Lollipop and this was this week's project. The girls' bow were super cute too!


I Bow what you're thinking...

As outlined in my profile...I love polka dots, which is obvious in my work. I also love cotton candy, which is obvious in my home decor/color palettes. But where do bows come into play?? I really do have an odd obsession with them and decided to share a sneaky peek at part of my collection. These are just bows. This peek fails to include clothing items, decor or illustrations that reflect my slight obsession.

I wear these in my hair, around my waist, on my collar,  or as brooches. The possibilities are endless really.

I have this adorable blush apricot bow that Kristina from the Woolverine made me...but something tells me Penny has hidden it and is being all bowtastic in her down time.