Merry Little Christmas Cards!

It's that time of year. Or maybe I'm a little late, I can never keep up with the ever changing Christmas schedule. ( I haven't even purchased an advent calendar yet...) BUT yes, the time of year where Christmas cards are a plenty.

I'd like to introduce ONE of the TWO designs I will be putting out this year. (totally inspired by my cupcake) I couldn't decide between cute and funny so I decided to do both. This is the 'cute' one that can be purchased on my etsy store. However due to my extremely crazy schedule, I am only putting out a limited edition of hand painted/sewn ones. BUT an endless amount is available in the printed version...the same thing but without the tactileness of the limited edition ones. Limited ones are a bit more, but make a great addition to any gift:)

If you have any questions or requests, just send me a message and I'd be happy to help:)


A Tribute to the Ones That Bark

How fabulous is today?! It's sunny out, It's not below 0, I washed my hair, I ate a yummy breakfast, Penny is cute AND I am wearing some super cute new pieces today.

A few months ago, whilst at Fabricland, I came across this dog printed material in the discount bin. And by discounted I mean I got 3m of it for $4.50. I can't believe it's not butter EITHER!

Now I'm OK on a sewing machine, but I got my boss's darling mother to put this together for me. My three key words were: short, pleated and twirly. The finished product is definitely all three.

And do you see that little bow adorned at my collar? This was hand knit by the talented and ever so sweet ( but terrifically hilarious) Kristina Gottli. She was so clever as to keep it bare ( no backings) so I can wear it however I choose. In the hair, on my collar, as a brooch, on a belt, under my nose...the possibilities are endless. She also threw in a cream colored one, 2 pom poms and a cute little satchel. What a gal huh?! She needs to get on Etsy stat!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Top: Bluenotes ( I know...I never shop there either)
Skirt: Handmade by Irene 
Bow: Handmade by Kristina Gottli
Shoes: Wild Diva


BEE a shoe, BEEBEE a shoe!

Ok first things first....I got my second pair of embroidery shoes. I have been IN Love with them ever since I found my little shell shoes. I then became introduced into the world of By Paige, Stubbs & Wootton and Zalo shoes. Know any more? Tell a girl! ( that girl being me). Oh and don't even get me started on the Jeffery Campbell Cat Litas...They are number one on my Christmas List!

I found these wondies on Etsy at a little shop called Arkival Threads.  They are super accomodating, and super nice! So make sure to check by their store often!

Top: Thrifted and borrowed from my sis
Pants: bought from a little boutique called Boa
Shoes: Van Eli ( Arkival Threads)
Socks: H&M

IN OTHER NEWS THAT INVOLVES ILLUSTRATION: ( I tried my best to make it read more like headline news...front page if you will.)

I'm currently working on this project that I can't really say much about. I can't say who it's for, and I can't actually share full page spreads or even tell you what it is. I know...so interesting huh? Well It's actually  a Christmas commission so it's top secret. However I couldn't help but share a bit of the palette and some oh so cropped in and non-completed sections. 

Also I hope all of you are currently listening to Christmas music every day.



Today I am going to feature one of my favorite illustrators. Seriously, this gal is amazing and she hasn't even graduated yet. Nayoun Kim is beyond talented. She has managed to already snag a spot in Applied Arts, is constantly being featured on Society6, and is pumping out some of the best illustrations of the current graduating year at Sheridan. She basically rocks. Plain and simple. I wanted to buy one of her prints for awhile now but honestly couldn't decide which one I wanted. I just wanted everything. I finally settle on "thinking" because I love the palette and it looks so nice on my wall.

Nayoun is also the sweetest girl on earth.

Thank you so much Nayoun and keep being wonderful!

"Thinking" framed and up!

it looks so pretty! ( currently trying to fill my whole wall)

Ok and I had to feature a few of my favs!!!
"Blue Monster"



"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."


A Feline Feeling

About a week after purchasing discounted dog printed material to make a skirt out of, I came across this skirt on Etsy and HAD to have it. ( as I feel with most things I see).  The collar was a vintage find at Lovely Betty's yearssssss ago, and the boots are wonderful purchase from Asos. I had fun in this outfit and wore it in honour of my little Penny.

Skirt: 4getmenotshop
Boots: Asos
Pearl Collar: LovelyBettyBoutique


Rosemary's Dress

During my last visit to NB in September, I was fortunate to meet up with some old friends with lots of treasures for me! My friend Chris and his wife Jenn contacted me to let me know that his mother had a whole bunch of pretty clothes from her youth that needed a new home. That is where I stepped in. Rosemary ( his mother) was ever so kind and graciously gave me so many cute vintage clothes, I didn't know what to do with myself. My suitcase was already brimming to the top, but I am a whiz when it comes to packing. Give me the kitchen sink, and I will find a place for it! I managed to cram it all in and take them back to my wardrobe.

This dress was one of my favorites and fit like a GLOVE. My sister did hem it up about 2 inches to suit my shortness, but other than that it was perfect.

It has been an amazing fall dress, and a perfect addition to my growing collection!

Dress: Gift from Rosemary
Lion Purse: Thrifted
Tights: Asos
Studded Ring: Asos
Shoes: too embarrassed to tell.... ok wal-mart 4 years ago. shhhhh!!!


Travelling Girl ( Almost)

What, might you ask, is that floral, grandmother's couch looking thing? Well, it's a little suitcase that I found thrifting. It's still in amazing condition, especially for being so old, and I plan on using it for my Niagara trips and Newbrunswick trips.

The little knitted bow is an awesome etsy find, from an awesome shop ( Cornflowerblue)  with lots of love. I usually base this on the amount of product wrapping and extras they throw in. They got bonuses in all areas.

It's also a bow. I couldn't resist.

Bow necklace: Cornflowerblue studios
Top: lamixx
Suitcase: Thrifted
Boots: Thrifted