Cotton Candy Head in the Clouds

Newest illustration!

One day Winifred lost her favorite bow. Then she absent mindedly left the kettle boiling for the whole day. Then she completely forgot to pick up the parsnips her mother needed for that evening's stew.

What a day for poor, sweet Winifred, a daydreamer at heart and in mind.

ps: If you'd like to look like Winifred visit flapper girl to get your very own Lady Tie!


The Key is Lime

I'm going through this major shift dress phase. One evening as I feverently searched for my next 60's dress purchase, I came across this lovely little gem.

1) I loved the color
2) I loved the lace
3) before I knew it, the dress was in my etsy cart and I had promptly paid for it via paypal

The seller was SUPER kind and sweet and sent along with the dress, a lovely personal thank you note on a vintage CAT CARD. So thoughtful and sweet! Everyone should swing by DoodleVintage for some great finds, great prices and a wonderful seller:)


Another day, another cat dress

Remember that time I really wanted that cat dress? ( the answer is actually all the time.) I just wanted to share the newest addition into the darcy lynn allan wardrobe.

I finally splurged and bought this dress by the talented Leah Goren. It's cream. It's black. It's covered in cat faces. Need I say more.

Oh and that adorable little neck thing? That is my first (  cause I'm obviously buying a second) lady tie by Flapper Girl.  It was a delightful day.

Lady Tie: Flapper Girl


The Girl with the Cupcake for a Heart

Newest illustration.

Once upon a time there was a girl with a normal heart. But then one day she bought one of those cupcake kits at the grocery store on sale. It was 30% off.

As she was leaving someone said " oh my lan, where did you get that kit?" She pointed to aisle 4 where the kits were stacked. The woman responded with a "bless your heart."

That was the moment it turned into a cupcake. Because she was holding the kit so close to her chest.