Sew be it.

I began the day with more brooch construction. I then took a little break went to the mall and ended up falling in love with these Ramon Tenza shoes. I must have had embroidery on the mind.

I literally walked the length of the mall twice, deciding wether or not to splurge on these beautiful, incredibly comfortable shoes. (Yes I do tend to go insane when I am shopping.) After talking with my mom and both sisters I made the decision to take these little shell-adorned shoes home. They set me back $100, but I fully believe they are worth it. They look like my grandmother may have owned them at some point, but that means A+ shoes in my books.

I also had an extra little dress floating around so I did a quick li'lstration with it. Her name is Penny and she is celebrating my new shoe purchase with me. Illustrations are so lucky...their shoes and clothes are just created for them. They don't have to spend an hour making a decision on a purchase. Oh to be drawn...


Tea Time with TayTee and my Teal Terrace set

I have been eyeing this little bistro cafe set for ever and ever. ( well since May really) It started at a steep $89.00 ( which I would have done but had other cute dresses to purchase)  Of all places it was at our lcoal Superstore ( yippee to PC!) Low and behold, after promising Taylor to clean up and declutter our balcony area, I finally got my breakfast/tea/reading nook set a(s I like to call it.)

 It was purchased at a much more attractive price ($39.99) and I am beyond elated.  Taylor isn't as excited as I am...( he's still in awe over the new tv set)  but I bet anything I'll catch him one morning drawing or pondering in our adorable nook. Next thing for the balcony...a little herb garden!


The LBD (the little brooch dress)

I was so excited to begin this project and onced I started I knew I had to move full throttle onwards to the finish. After a few revisions,  deciding that purchasing my own printer to make my own label/stickers, and an entire afternoon of photographing the final product, the fruits of my labour were born!

Now available on my Etsy store, The LBD (little brooch dress) promises to be a dress that will always fit, always look cute and always be a statement piece! I also took the time to name and give each brooch their own identity, which I always do ( mostly to use up all my favorite names that I know Taylor will never agree to naming our children) which helps in making them that more personal.

I have a few more colours and lots of designs that will be added in the coming weeks, hoping that every girl can find that special one that resonates with her:)


The Little Dress Brooch by Tea With Gladys

My new summer project is finally coming together. This weekend is my first full long weekend off in awhile, and I plan on taking advantage of it. With all the shops closed today, I had no distractions and woke up bright and early, had a boiled egg, and took to spray painting. ( although I did take my new/old bike out for its first spin for about an hour to get some sun...but that's a whole other story.)

With my love of dresses, brooches, vintage buttons and cross-stitching, I decided to mix all these loves together to create a stew of cuteness. While I'm still waiting on a few additions to the packaging from the printers, & the freebie stickers I will be giving away with each purchase...the Little Dress brooch line is well underway.

Here are the fruits of my labour on this gorgeous Canada Day! All brooches are handmade & stitched by me. They are fully & securly backed with felt. Adorned with vintage buttons collected by Gladys herself:) They will be selling for $12 each on my TWG etsy shop and I promise there are much more variations to come:)