A New Addition to the Family

This is my new little bundle of joy, Delores. I recently just took her under my wing. My good friend was moving and alas, could not take everything with her. I think she's settling in nicely.


My Bear Knees

My favourite purchase of the year: My Anonymous Bear tights by QooQoo. I can't wait until mother nature smartens up with some rays and I can pair these with flowy summer tops and sans socks.  Until then, I wear them with pride.

Tights/Leggings: QooQoo - $55
Shoes: Joe Fresh- $6
Hat: thrifted- $2
Coat: H&M on sale -$50


I Can't Believe it's not Butter

April 14th, 2011 will be an evening I will ALWAYS remember. Our grad show was amazingly amazing and was filled with so much talent, I may go blind.  Our months and months of slaving away through paint,  digital dilemmas, deadlines and what not, paid off! I am so proud of my class, I still get teary eyed when I think about it.  The evening was filled with mixing and mingling, wine and catered food, great art....and surprise awards. I was completely honoured and flabbergasted to receive the Narrative for a Book award which was judged by a slew of well known publishing companies such as Penguin, Annick Press, Kids Can Press etc. AND was floored when I got to accept my award from Brenda Clark, Who has illustrated a ton of children's books, including Franklin. I later had a short but wonderful conversation with her and  received very positive feedback and assurance that "I'll do fine. *(wink & warm smile)"

To add to the ambiance of the night, I wore my coveted, Illustrative NeNeee dress and received many compliments on my quirky dress. ( still in love!)


grad show giveaways

Tomorrow evening will be an accumulation of all the hard work I have put into the last 4 years of my life. My 4th year grad show begins at 7pm sharp. I have my own little white slab of board which will be adorned with approx. 10 of my best pieces of the year ( err i think) as well as business cards and mailers. I personally love getting little freebies. WHO DOESN’T? So on top of all my other attempts at showing who I am through my art, I have painstakingly embroidered approx. 50 dresses, which are actually backed with a magnets. They play tribute to Violet Brown, the main character of the book I wrote and illustrated and…sewed? A little sneak peak at my mini magnet dress giveaways:


How Bowtiful

Bows and Brooches: a good combination! These tights are one of my fav pairs! ( and I AMMM a tights girl. I will honestly spend more on a pair of tights, than pants...or shoes. ) I have darned them on more than one occasion, attempting to preserve their youth for all eternity

Stark knitted sweater: Thrifted- $2.99
Oversized Jacket: Winners-$30.00
Long Jersey Tank Dress: H&M- $9.95
Tights: American Apparel- $35.00
Shoes: Joe Fresh - $6.00 
Bow Brooch: A gift from my lovely mother
Approx Total Outfit Cost: $75.00


Fashion is an art too!

I've decided to switch up my blog and not only incorporate my illustrations, but also my love for fashion. For those that are unaware, I have run my own little online vintage clothing store for approx. 6 years now. ( formally on Ebay, now on Etsy) called Tea With Gladys. I've had lots of requests to share my daily outfits or special finds and I thought, WHY NOT? I am a thrifter at heart and love my bargains! I love sharing the cool little  online boutiques I come across/empty my wallet on. So welcome to Darcy's li'lstrations, the home of quirky drawing and even quirkier clothing:)

Why I wore this today: it is approx. 20 degrees out, and I have missed my high-waisted, short, navy pencil pants sooo much. I've come to realize you can only wear these sockless, or with a patterned tight and heels. They look horrible with boots. The cream top was a $4.99 find at value village and I've gotten into this groove of tying all of my blouses just under the belly button. The brown leather loafers were a steal at $3.99 at the Salvation Army, but much to my chagrin the sole is coming off and I have already begun searching for a new pair. ( old new pair) I am also Brooch addict. They are my favourite form of jewellery. This one in particular is adorned with cute flamingoes.

Top: Thrifted
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Thrifted
Brooch: a gift from my loving mother
Total Outfit Cost: $23.00


Movie Poster: Final School Project. eeek.

Who knew that after 4 years of obtaining an illustration degree, my final project would be so...serious? I thought I would be ending on a bow filled, pink dotted, rosy cheeked note. Alas, I decided to try something a little out of my comfort zone ( no cotton candy colors here!). Out of a list of over a 100 amazing movies to choose from, I chose "Schindler's List," mostly because it is such a gut wrenching, amazingly emotional ride of a movie. To this day the scene with the little girl in the red coat gets me every time. For those that haven't seen the movie...DO IT. And for those that have, hopefully the poster makes sense.  And yes, I did sew the little coat myself.


Why Can't you be BLUE, over me?

He was always the tall kid in the class, standing at the edge of all the seated children on picture day. In high school he developed an anxiety towards the school's soap dispenser, in fear that the pink goo would stain his skin forever. This eventually lead to a fear of all soap related objects. Now he bathes in a bare tub and uses a lemon for a cleaning and also exfoliation. He likes paper made from bark, heating pads and windex. Did I mention his chronic sneezing? This is, Blue Cheese.