Pink, Sheer & Mint...oh and ILUSTRATIONS!

Well, my April purchases from China are finally trickling in! I think this is the best way to summer shop. Sometimes you buy all these lovely pieces, yet the weather doesn't seem to co-operate with all the high hemlines, sheer materials and cropped whatnots. BUT when you order things from across the globe via snail mail...well they tend to pop up in your mailbox about a month later. Perfect timing!

That being said, I bought these lovely little doily shorts for a STEAL at $8. I've been noting their popularity in the stores, and also taking note of their higher price tags. Also...this is the first year in awhile that I purchased a pair of sandals. I am a loafer/flats kinda gal when it comes to summer footwear. However these little flatforms are the perfect in between. They still feel like I'm wearing shoes, yet have all the breathable qualities of a sandal. PLUS I get an extra 2 inches out of them:) Darcy version 5.3 at your service.

OHHH and....that's totally a fox purse. Everyone thinks it's an owl..but it's a fox. 

Blouse: H&M
Doily Shorts: Ebay
Three Toned necklace: H&M
Mint Sheer Polka Dot Socks: Zara
Coral Flatforms: Ebay


Sorry for the double post within a post...but I just wanted to let my followers know that: I'M STILL ILLUSTRATING THE DAYS AWAY. I am currently working on two pieces at once, hence the lack of art posting. I'm hoping to complete this one in the next few days. Here are some progress shots of one piece titled " white, blue, & pink collared."



Multi Cats-ing & Bear Dates

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Latvian clothing company QooQoo. They have adorned my legs with anonymous bears, dogs from twitter and now bears that date. I have also recently acquired the wonderfully cat printed Multi Cat dress and the Pocket friend dress. ( this one is currently being taken in as it was a bit too big for me)

Their items are unique and make it ok to wear animals all over! As an illustrator and graphic designer I have a HUGE appreciation for all of their illustrative patterns and amazingly designed pieces. Here is a peek at some of my recent purchases and new loves:)

 Multi Cat Dress

Bear Date Leggings

Shoes: Zigi New York
Dress & Leggings: QooQoo
Blouse: Asos


The Dress from January

I was SOOOO excited to wear this dress. It has been hanging in my closet since JANUARY, when I bought it. And no this was not a cheat purchase during my 2.5 month shopping hiatus...Taylor's mom gave me a giftcard for Christmas and this was my purchase.

So today I finally clipped off the tags and snuggled into this brocade, buttoned back, beauty. It is a gorgeous dark orange that I'm sure will be just as wonderful for a fall piece. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Is it weird that I kinda feel like Betty Draper in this dress?? Or maybe more Joan??? Regardless, it's such a Mad Men dress.

Dress: H&M (Conscious Collection)


Deerest Diary

One of my newest little dresses! We had a random 25 degree day and I went BARE LEG for the first time this season. I may have blinded some unsuspecting citizens of Oakville with the PALE that is my legs, but my heart felt so good. Summer dress weather is finally (almost) here.

I purchased this little collar about 2 years ago at a boutique in Fredericton. Who knew they'd be such a popular accessory this year? I've always been a huge fan of the peter pan collar, and it was always difficult to find those precious pieces. Now...they are everywhere and it has been much easier to acquire those cute pieces.

Deer Dress: Queen West Boutique
Hair Clip: Liv and Lily's
Shoes: Aldo


A Little Breezy

Ahhhhhhh....the warmth arrives this week. Not the 40+ weather YET...but much more spring like. DOUBLE DIGITS! I went with this little breezy, chiffon number. This is one of the many pieces I purchased from the little underground ( literally you go down steps) store on Queen West. All items, $10.99, cash only, not allowed to try on... the quickest, cheapest way to shop!

Blouse: Little Asian store on Queen West
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Gold Collar Necklace: Ebay