Don't Rain on my Parade

After three days of trying to figure it out, Mildred finally understood how to use an umbrella. Her fears of someone raining on her parade were finally put to rest.


Oh Penny Poo.

Just a light post of how much I adore my cat! It was almost a year ago that THIS happened. So I began to do things such as THIS. 

But she has grown into such a gorgeous little girl. Long ago are the days when she resembled a hairy, yet loveable rat.


Merry Card-Mas time!

If interested, my new Christmas cards are available on my etsy store! Take a peek! Peruse! There may be more there you fancy ( or someone special in your life fancies) Tis the season!


I Heart Skirt

I've had this skirt in my wardrobe for quite sometime. I bought it on sale at the end of the summer from Asos and spent a good few months just taking it out, petting it softly and trying it on the odd time.

Extremely weird and obsessive behavior...I know.


What if the day you recieved it, you ran up to your boyfriend to show him the "MOST ADORABLE SKIRT EVER!!" and he responded with a..."is that an oven mitt?"


I responded with  "IT'S QUILTED!!!"

But to this day, when I slide this structured, ever adorable, heart pocketed skirt over my bod I can't help but think. omg. I'm wearing an oven mitt.

Skirt: Asos
Blouse: Jacob ( thrifted)
Shoes: Bass ( thrifted)
Turtle Brooch: Thrifted


Custom Dress Ornaments!

I always look forward to the day where I can say...hey look! I sewed this whole dress by myself and it is so gorgeous and I didn't need any help and look, look...I even made pockets!

Until then...I will continue to hand stitch them into little brooches or magnets. However today I made a few prototypes of some Little Ornament Dresses! 

They are now available for custom order on my Etsy store. You can buy one, two OR buy a whole package of three for $25.

They are approx. 4.5 inches tall and are backed with pretty pastel felt. Instead of using my normal spray painted cross stitch fabric I found this amazing kind labeled "Stardust."....so magical! It gives off the perfect little tinsel like shimmer that is bound to look so festive and charming on a tree!


just one of those colorful days!

This morning I woke up and thought I would like to wear pink. Then I thought I would like to wear yellow. Then I thought...why not red too. The result: this outfit!

Top: Thrifted 
Pants: eBay
Belt: Thrifted
Coat: Old Navy Kids
Shoes: Ramon Tenza


A Little Christmas Cheer

Most people may think the day after Halloween is too soon to begin Christmas-ing. Well folks, let me tell you I had Bing on the record player and my pink tree out Nov.1st. I am also about half way done Christmas shopping and just put an order in for my Christmas Cards to get printed!

Today was no exception. For some reason my outfit just screamed festive cheer with eggnog undertones.

I found this dress about 7 years ago on ebay. I was in a full-on bidding war and stayed strong right till the last second. I will not disclose how much I actually paid for it, the point is...it is mine forever.

I also put on my LOVELY red velvet ladytie made with love by Flapper Girl. I have worn this so many times and finally snapped some photos of me wearing it! IN LOVE!

Dress: Thrifted
Coat: eBay
Cat Shoes: eBay
Lady Tie: Flapper Girl

And of course Catmas...

Another Christmas Card Design! They should arrive in about 1 week:)



Here is a sneak peek at one of my Christmas Card designs for this holiday season!

Expect them all to be full of puns, dresses, and festive cheer!