Stickers & Cupcakes

Like the title suggests, this is literally the new sticker design and also a cupcake. Writing it out, stickers & cupcakes would be a pretty amaze craze band name. (Putting that one in my back pocket.)

That aside, I think this is my favorite Lollipop element I've created. So simple, but against all their white packaging ( mini frosted take out containers for candy, little bags for candy, and various cupcake boxes), it looks so pretty!

We just opened our little cupcake bar last week where all cupcakes, cake pops,  dipped oreos, and cupcake toppers are made by Goodie Goddess. The one pictured is rainbowlicious... and it was very rainbow and licious!


Lollipop-ing the days away!

Work has been super busy but really enjoyable the last few weeks. You've seen some of  my Lollipop Banners  HERE. Since then, I've actually got to see some of my work all printed out and in the flesh...or cardstock... rather than on my computer screen in vector format. This is very design heavy stuff, but not to fret, I have some super cute illustrations I've been working on and will be showing them soon soon.  ( very sim sounding). Until then, here are some of my latest design projects completed:

Little price tags, scattered throughout the store

Create a Cuddly Banner (on left)

Up close and personal with Cuddly banner

Handmade tags for our Balloon Bar

Gift certificate makes a lovely gift! ( hence the name)

This was my first ever Chalkboard A frame design! we have TWO!
(and the chalk part isn't that bad either!)

Postcards/Mailers and Business cards to boot!


darcy's dresses: Top 12

I love dresses. If my closet were to have explosive diarrhea, the majority of clothes that would be expelled would be dresses. Some girls have an affinity for shoes, mine is for dresses. I have dresses that I purchased purely for the fact that they were beautiful, with no intention of even wearing them. I have dresses that I only wear ONCE a year as to not over exert their appearance. I have dresses that I wear 5 times a month because they are just so darn comfortable.  It can be an expensive collection at times, but nothing beats the feeling of adding a new dress in my already stuffed closet.

Here are my top 12 favourites, in no particular order:

Peter Pan collars get me every time-- Shope Ruche

A gift from Taylor, he knows me too well
Polka dots are my best friend-- Urban Outfitters

Ok I know this is a jumper and not a dress, but I wear it like one-- ASOS

I always check the kids section!-- Old Navy Kids

Handmade for me by a woman in Australia. This is 
vintage velvet AND vintage lace.

I bought this years ago at a small boutique in Halifax
called "Peepshow girly boutique," which has since been closed. 
The colors remain timeless though!-- Kensie

Thrifted from a little second hand shop in Fredericton called Renue Boutique 

Handmade Illustrated dress from NeNeee

Thrifted dress from ebay. Never Worn. Straight from the 50's, awaiting the perfect occasion.

Bought for the Summer! Pretty much the brightest piece I own-- Club Couture

A simple polka-dotter that stole my heart from H&M

I always go to give this away or re-sell it but the bottom gets me everytime 
and makes me realize why I purchased it in the first place-- ModCloth



It is a very muggy, overcast 22 degree kinda day. It is my day off and I am going to spend a lovely shopping day with my good friend, and fellow illustrator, Alyssa Andres. I rummaged through my closet and pulled out my incredibly comfy and super loose, flowy blushing top.  I bought this not too long ago from Shop the Far Out as mentioned HERE.

My favourite part about the top is the back. While it does require some ironing therapy now and again...( what silk pieces don't??) I love everything from the subtle, blush color to the relaxed, billowing fit. It looks amaze craze tucked into some high waisted numbers as well.

The scarf/neck piece was a purchase I made last summer by a very sweet and accommodating store on Etsy called The River is Everywhere. I was so in love with this comfy piece I ordered it in a pale mint green as well

A+ to the blushing blouse. A+ to jersey neck pieces. And A+ to a shopping day.


A Simple Barter

I was approached ( thanks to twitter!) by the owner of an online boutique I frequent called Shop the Far Out. She was in need of something to make her walls cuter ( something I do specialize in) and offered a barter. I was more than happy to accept as I am a huge fan of the store!

I am mid painting right now, so I decided to share. Please keep in mind that this is NOT finished and a mere look into the process. Twill be of her and her adorable dog Foxy. Here is a snapshot if you will.

Oh and the item I chose?? I decided on this simple, but way too adorable LBD! The hemline is so subtle but it sends my heart a flutter! Click the link below for more deats on the designer and store 

Hair Illustrated

I made the mistake of setting my hair in pin curls last night and sleeping with them in. I expected to wake up to a head full of luxurious 50's bouncy curls. This was NOT the case. My hair is naturally curly/more on the frizzy side. I WISH I could just wash my hair and go sometimes. I could never.

Once I took all my bobby pins out ( and yes it killed to sleep in them) My hair was sooooo curly, but completly unmanagable. I looked like a pet of some sort. A pet who had set their hair in pin curls and slept in them overnight.

Needless to say I did NOT have time to re-wash my hair and dry and straighten it before work. I made this quick fix and added my buggy scarf for a fun touch.


Sew Darling, Sew cute!

I found these on Etsy from quaint little store called Hide the Good Scissors. I was taken in with the retro illustrations and may in fact never use any of the needles. However they look great tucked away on my little notions table with my other sewing goods. A little visual fun from the past to brighten my day:)

Ruff Ruff!

I now own yet another pair of AMAZING QooQoo handmade leggings. Don't worry I still hold by dear ANONYMOUS BEAR leggings close to my heart, however I have fallen head over heels for for these awesome graphic Dog tights. The faces, the stares, the noses...so many DOGS!


A Little Buggy

I scored in the thousands the other day when I came across this adorable and wonderfully illustrated/graphic scarf. Real beetles and bugs scare me beyond belief, but drawn ones on clothing ( particularily this scarf) are OK with me.


I bought a ring to match my life.

SOOO unbelievably impressed and in love with my newest fox addition to my life. Here is a LOVELY ring made by Sea of Bees. It is so light, but dashingly large. I am also super excited to purchase one of their oversized 3D brooches.

I have been so befuddled with mother nature as of late that I decided to defy her horrible weather and bring out my never-been-worn silky pleated shorts. Unfortunately I had to pair it with my go-to opaque tights. (rrrrr collld) But at least I can say I wore shorts!  And of course, I rarely go a day without wearing a brooch. Today I channeled all the beachiness I could and decided on my little gold seahorse.

sidenote: I do realize my hands look that of a 60 yr old woman; welcome to my world of no dishwasher/ using too much javex.

ring: Sea of Bees $16
shorts: H&M $30
seahorse brooch: gifted from my lovely mother
shoes: Aldo $50

Just some Banners...ya know

Here is a little peek at some of the graphic work I have been doing at work the past few weeks. I work at this AMAZING place called Lollipop Art Lounge. It is full of art, small adorable children, candy, cupcakes, balloons ( ok that part is a bit scary), music, soon to be COTTON CANDY, birthday parties, and even the rogue but adorably cute owl. Currently I am in the process of redesigning/changing up their already very cute look. I cannot wait to get to the cupcake/party shoppe stickers.


Minty Fresh

This was actually much more difficult to do than it looks. I think if I want to continue with the spray painting, I have to invest in a mask of some sort. Silk scarves just don’t do the trick. I had to take many breaks ( and help from a boyfriend) along the way. However I am super happy with the outcome and am one step closer to making my place look like a candy shoppe.


A Refurbish slash upcycle kinda day

Today I went a little spray paint happy. My head is still clouded with the fumes. I made a little Value Village trip and picked up a cork board thingy and also a green glass vase. I decided giving them a new blast of color would be fun and decorative! Once I started ...I couldn't stop. I did 2 more frames and a lamp that were hanging around. Tomorrow I intend on doing my entire desk...in a mint green. Taylor is slightly unamused at the fact that all of our furniture now has a slightly more feminine touch to it. oops.