COUCH ( fill in the blank)

He has not risen for years, except to get food and sometimes use the washroom. He continually replays his old high school football games in his head in hopes that one day he will be the athlete he always wanted to be. He eats plain chips and breaded deep fried fish sticks. Why open a window when you have a perfectly working fan? This is The Potato.


Introductions are needed

This is Violet Brown. She is the new character in the book I have written and will produce for my final narrative piece this semester. She is 6.5 years old.  She has 3 pets. A pineapple named Bartholomew, a cotton ball named Penny and a mitten named Donald. This is all I can tell you now. You will have to read the book to find out the rest of the story.


Last name EVA, first name GREATEST

I reached my hand into the box and pulled out "Drake on Toronto." This is the result of that. My first celeb portrait since the days in grade 8 when I would draw leonardo DiCaprio and the members of N*Sync for my friends. Here is Drizzy in all his greatness.


The Parsnip Lady

She has smoked since the age of 9. She came into money at the age of 18 by marrying a wealthy man in the soap business named Gordon. She hates weeds, pants and penguins. She eats oysters, edamame and black coffee.  This is, the Parsnip.