Violet Brown: REDUX

I decided to scrap most of my pervious attempts at Violet Brown as seen HERE
The story is still the same. The characters are still the same. Basically the whole aesthetics completely changed. ( except for the cross stitch dresses and bows...duh) I decided to share some of my process work to get a closer look at the pains and gains of MY book process.  I hope to have this all finished in the next week so I can send it in to BLURB and have it produced for my grad show.


  1. Seriously Darcy!!!! Your stuff is just AMAZING!!!!!! I want it ALLLLLLL!!!!


  2. Shallan! Thank you sooo much! That warms my heart!! I sell some prints on my etsy site! Let me know if there is anything you're ever interested in:)

  3. Love it! The new style looks great!