I bought a ring to match my life.

SOOO unbelievably impressed and in love with my newest fox addition to my life. Here is a LOVELY ring made by Sea of Bees. It is so light, but dashingly large. I am also super excited to purchase one of their oversized 3D brooches.

I have been so befuddled with mother nature as of late that I decided to defy her horrible weather and bring out my never-been-worn silky pleated shorts. Unfortunately I had to pair it with my go-to opaque tights. (rrrrr collld) But at least I can say I wore shorts!  And of course, I rarely go a day without wearing a brooch. Today I channeled all the beachiness I could and decided on my little gold seahorse.

sidenote: I do realize my hands look that of a 60 yr old woman; welcome to my world of no dishwasher/ using too much javex.

ring: Sea of Bees $16
shorts: H&M $30
seahorse brooch: gifted from my lovely mother
shoes: Aldo $50

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