Things around my apartment aka These are the People in my Neighbourhood

For the last few years, I attempted to make my cookie cutter/parquet floored apartment somewhat interesting. It’s difficult when all you have to work with is a small space, a student budget and boring bandage colored walls.  So I took to second hand stores, garage sales, dumps ( Taylor actually found our book case by the dump outside) and clearance sales at stores. I inhaled months of spray paint, and had my fair share of carrying heavy, awkward pieces onto buses or up streets.
With my new job, and not so student budget…I can afford nicer, newer pieces but still choose to find those special, one-of-a-kind pieces and add my special flair to it. I’m happy with our place and the building up of pieces over time. We have a nice little collection and our pockets are better for it too:) ( which does mean more dresses for me) So without further ado, I wanted to share some little glimpses of my favorite nooks. Enjoy:)
frame was given to my by my old boss, mirror utensils found at the Dollar Store

vase was found at Value Village, Napkins-Winners, Placemat-Pier 1 ( discounted) 
Pea pod salt and pepper shaker-gift

refurbished frame from Value Village, Art-by me

Cork Board bought at Value Village, refurbished

More refurbished frames

desk-Free and then I used 3 bottle of spray paint (totally had mint boogies at the end of the day) 
Spoon Card Holder-Etsy

Personally I think this is the cutest tape dispenser ever. Purchased at the Paper Place, downtown Toronto on Queen.

Vintage Chair (Delores)-Given to me by a very cute girl and friend:)

refurbished desk was purchased last year at the Visual Merchandise prop sale at Sheridan.  The other cabinet was $1 at the Salvation Army. Needless to say I gave it a new coat of paint and new handles.

The shelf on the left was the “dump” shelf found by Taylor. The one on the left was a Salvation Army find. Both painted and papered. The little doggie bank was painted by me, and was a value village find. Taylor is still getting used to this one.

I have 2 new ikea chairs and 2 “ugly” vinyl $3 a piece chairs at my dining room table. 
I love the mixture.

My Tea Pot. Literally holding all my David’s Tea. Value Village find.

This frame WAS purchased for a print I was selling. But on the way home the glass broke and I had no idea what to do with it. Added some paint and it’s above our couch now.

The tall dresser was a steal at $20 from Value Village. I still can’t bring myself to paint it another color. The dress was $120 from Australia. It will never be painted.

ok I got sidetracked at my dresses. I love them.

unmade bed. oops. wall decal were found at winners, bedding Ikea, vintage crochet pillow case-Etsy. You can’t see it in this picture, but I have teal lanterns hanging from the ceiling too!

all storage boxes were found at Value Village. The mirror was purchased in Europe and was my grandmother’s when she was very young. She gave it to me this year for Christmas.

Found at a garage sale. $1 a piece. They welcome people at the front door.

Vintage chair found at Salvation army years ago. $50. a steal of a deal for this beauty.

My sewing/notions area. appropriate.

lamp with no shade ( still awaiting the perfect one) found at value village. The creepy hand was found at a creepy boutique in St. Andrew’s NB. The photo is of my great grandmother, grandmother and my mom. It’s one of my favorite things I own.

I have a pillow obsession. I always feel like I don’t have enough. But I do. I do. Also that blanket is actually a table cloth. I think it likes it better as a blanket. A wool table cloth?? 
Confused to say the least.

and last but not least, my lap desk. I hate birds, but this fabric kills me. Value Village find.


  1. Your house is a cute reflection of you! I love it I think I might try spray painting a frame to go with a new Value Village lamp I bought!

  2. You've got to visit Japan. You would die with all the cute "room" stuff here. Also the fabric is amazing.

    1. hahah oh thats what I've heard! I LOVE Shinzi Katoh and try to buy his illustrated goodies when I can!