Merry ClothesMAS!

I love Fridays. (I actully love Mondays more because it's my day off,  which means it's my day to tie all the loose ends of my life up.) However, Fridays, I usually only start work at 12 and this means I can get up, wash my hair, eat a healthy, well thought out breakfast ( okay usually just a homemade smoothie and a boiled egg) and put more thought into my outfit.

Today I concocted this. And by concocted I mean I have never really worn any of these pieces. The skirt was worn once this fall....and that's about it. I've had this mustard, supersoft, cashmere acrylic vest from Topshop FOR-EV-ER and the blouse is a vintage piece from the 60's from Rosemary. Both worn for the first time today.

I also wish my tree was bigger.

I just wanted to wish everyone the merriest of merry times this Christmas season ( how's that for festive well wishes?) I am flying home the 19th of Dec, Penny in tow, and will be absent for awhile. My parents do not own a mac and I refuse to try and edit photos/ be tech-emersed on their horrible little HP's or Tobisha's or what ever they own up there. A little snooty...perhaps. I prefer not to be fustrated over the holidays:)

Vest: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo
Blouse: Thrifted

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