dani lyn ayee: Fashion Photographer and Cute Human Being

I'd like to introduce a wonderfully adorable and super talented photographer Dani Lyn Ayee. Recently I helped out some wonderful people from the art of reuse: interim  for a Pop up store they had in Toronto this past Sunday. I was super bummed to not be able to attend as I was literally celebrating "Family Time" on Family Day weekend, but everything looks like it went swimmingly. Everything looked perfect!

Dani Lyn, ( yes we have the same middle name, exact same initials and our birthdays are exactly one month apart) photographed all the advertising and press for the opening. Her photography is amazing!! You can check out her photography  here as well as all the action over at Interim Women's.  Without her awesome talent I was basically a baby deer on roller skates, tramping around in flowy retro clothes:)

We actually had so much fun and if she ever needs the help of a short, ginger girl again--I'm there.

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