My entire soul is awaiting warm breezes and flowy outfits. Maybe not at the same time because that could lead to a possible undie sho, NONETHELESS I am super excited for the approaching summer months!

I recently did an entire wardrobe overhaul, as I do every 3 months. I have lots of beautiful outfits and summer pieces on their way. These little silky bunny socks just arrived in the mail this past monday.  I was so impressed with how adorable they are, I immediatley went right back to the site and ordered 2 more pairs. One pair are pink with yummy sweets on them, the other bright red with white polka dots. Classic. I cannot wait to be sockified this summer! They will look so adorable with all my loafers & wedges!

My Summer Wardrobe ( well a small part of it) 

Little Fawn Dress

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