Pink, Sheer & Mint...oh and ILUSTRATIONS!

Well, my April purchases from China are finally trickling in! I think this is the best way to summer shop. Sometimes you buy all these lovely pieces, yet the weather doesn't seem to co-operate with all the high hemlines, sheer materials and cropped whatnots. BUT when you order things from across the globe via snail mail...well they tend to pop up in your mailbox about a month later. Perfect timing!

That being said, I bought these lovely little doily shorts for a STEAL at $8. I've been noting their popularity in the stores, and also taking note of their higher price tags. Also...this is the first year in awhile that I purchased a pair of sandals. I am a loafer/flats kinda gal when it comes to summer footwear. However these little flatforms are the perfect in between. They still feel like I'm wearing shoes, yet have all the breathable qualities of a sandal. PLUS I get an extra 2 inches out of them:) Darcy version 5.3 at your service.

OHHH and....that's totally a fox purse. Everyone thinks it's an owl..but it's a fox. 

Blouse: H&M
Doily Shorts: Ebay
Three Toned necklace: H&M
Mint Sheer Polka Dot Socks: Zara
Coral Flatforms: Ebay


Sorry for the double post within a post...but I just wanted to let my followers know that: I'M STILL ILLUSTRATING THE DAYS AWAY. I am currently working on two pieces at once, hence the lack of art posting. I'm hoping to complete this one in the next few days. Here are some progress shots of one piece titled " white, blue, & pink collared."



  1. cute outfit! i love those socks with the shoes! looking forward to future posts -- you have great style :)