It's Penny!

It's been awhile since Penny made an appearance on my blog, so I am dedicating this entire post to her and her adorableness!

Obsessed with:

-iPod cords
-balled up socks
-string, yarn, thread ( this almost killed her in Dec. so trust me...all thread and string like things are kept under lock and key)
-cleaning herself
-the bathtub


Penny is a very picky eater. She is a light muncher and does not over eat. She eats a steady diet of wet food ( Wellness Turkey) and nibbles on Wellness dry food sometimes during the day and in between meals. We feed her treats a few times a week...My Mighty Lion all Natural treats.

Favorite Toys:

-Her red tunnel
-Kong Wubba rattle
-tennis ball
-Balled up socks

Penny is spoiled. She is a princess and it's all my fault. I wake up every morning without fail around 5-5:30am to feed her her Wet food. I even mush it up nicely and add a bit more water to make it even yummier and sloppier for her.

Her litter box is cleaned out EVERYDAY and I add Arm & Hammer litterbox deodorizer as well. (best thing invented)

She waits by the door for me everyday and zooms out into out apt. hallway. I used to get nervous but now I just let her bound up and down it a few times.

She is super shy around people and even hisses sometimes in defense ( this all stems from her 2 back to back surgies as a kitten..she thinks everyone except Taylor and I are Vets) but she is super lovey dovey and cuddly with us, moreso me.

Have any Penny Questions???

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