The Vintage Cape

I've waited for this time of year since September began. It's officially cape wearing time. The thing is cape days are quite limited and you really only have a small window to wear them. Why? Because early September is really too early to don these wool babies. Novemeber is really too cold...sleeves are a necessity.

I have one vintage cape that is so adorable. It's hooded, but doesn't have any arm slots like this. So while it looks absolutly darling, it's unfortunately not that practicle. Usually I put all practicality out the window when it comes to fashion, however when it involves me being cold...I play smart. THOU SHALT NOT BE COLD.

I was super excited to wear this little mod skirt that I  found at Joe Fresh Kids.. ( perks of being really short and having no hips/shoulders what so ever...although this always ruins my dreams of wearing gorgeous women size dresses) I had a very important meeting today...(except I'm not allowed to say anything of this yet. I know, cruel) But I got up early, went for a run, wash and straightened my hair and chose this wonderful fall ensemble!

For those of you with capes, enjoy the beautiful cape weather!

Cape: Thrifted
Top: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Joe Fresh Kids
Shoes: Aldo

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