Custom Dress Ornaments!

I always look forward to the day where I can say...hey look! I sewed this whole dress by myself and it is so gorgeous and I didn't need any help and look, look...I even made pockets!

Until then...I will continue to hand stitch them into little brooches or magnets. However today I made a few prototypes of some Little Ornament Dresses! 

They are now available for custom order on my Etsy store. You can buy one, two OR buy a whole package of three for $25.

They are approx. 4.5 inches tall and are backed with pretty pastel felt. Instead of using my normal spray painted cross stitch fabric I found this amazing kind labeled "Stardust."....so magical! It gives off the perfect little tinsel like shimmer that is bound to look so festive and charming on a tree!

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