Hello My Name is Busy Bee


Ok this post will be quick, yet quite newsworthy. I have been up to my eyeballs/occipital lobe in work. It's that cheerful, wonderful time of year that I love but never ceases to be quiet.

I have been basically living off of boiled eggs, spelt cereal & tomatoes because I haven't had time to cook a proper meal in weeks. And trust me, the jumbo shrimp and ground turkey in my freezer I bought over a week ago is screaming at me to be made into a meal.

ok in point form--why am I so busy:

1. Work is busy. 8, 10, even 12 hour shifts. Not complaining as I LOVE my job, but it just makes it slightly difficult to manage everything else in my life. ( hey laundry after 4 weeks! yup that happened)

2. I am opening up my own boutique in T-minus 18 days....like an actual store front that people walk into and say.." oh my lan that is so cute may I purchase this?" Trust me, starting a new business is not about just taking a cute key and putting into the lock and twisting and pushing the nicely framed door and then exclaiming " oh look it's my business all set up and ready for me!" --More on this later as I will be going into MUCH more detail about my new life endeavor. A post focused JUST on this awaits.

3. It's christmas time...flights to book, people to shop for, eBay listings to get up at 2am for to make sure you win.  ( note: I won)

4. I am apart of the Movies and Makers Holiday arts and craft show THIS saturday ( the 15th) at the Fox Theatre in Toronto...in the beaches. So on top of everything else...I have been preparing like mad for this, stitching my little soul out...getting things printed...and I still don't feel prepared. ( just a lot of little things I usually make a checklist for, but have come to realized my mental checklist was lost weeks ago and I can't seem to find that slip of mental paper anywhere...

I also fly home on the 19th so until then I will not be breathing.

On that note...check out some little tidbits of things I will be selling this weekend!

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