Shop/studio update

What a whirlwind of a week! I opened my store, got my 4th tattoo, made an appointment for my 5th, realized that...oh my lan...I am my own boss, booked my first 'tea party' on my first day (!!!!) and my new purse broke.

I really don't care about the last thing b/c it was cheap and I knew it when I bought it. But of course it had to break whilst I was running for the bus with my arms loaded to the brim with a mountain of stuff I was bringing to the store.

Here is a little sneek peek of some on goings at tea with gladys this week:)

a selection of vintage goodies for sale. Sold a gorgeous floral number the first day!

Morico Bunny Tote

Morico Cat tank

Zafira Apparel high low dress

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