Tapestry & Ties

My goodness! I have been SO busy it's unreal! My days have been filled with painting walls & furniture, living in ikea and searching the web for adorable things to sell! tea with gladys is coming along nicely and I should be open in less than two weeks!!

If you'd like to peruse the ALMOST finished website, please do! www.teawithgladys.com

On another note I managed to find some down time to do a little online shopping. I took advantage of Modcloth's 70% off cabin fever sale and scored some amazing pieces as usual!

This is the Through the Arras Dress! I AM IN LOVE. It is such a great feeling to see a dress online and  say " that looks like it would be a great fit..." and then you receive it and it fits like a glove!  It is excellent quality, has a zipper, snap buttons and a clasp. Talk about feeling snuggly and secure. I paired it with my thrifted suede buckled heels and one of my favorite accessories, my mint lady tie!

I also bought these vintage cat eye glasses ( putting my own perscription in) from a darling little store called Petite et Jolis.

It feels so nice to put real clothes on again. Most days I am stuck in paint covered leggings and old t-shirts. i dream of warmer, dress filled days:)

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Thrifted
Lady Tie: Flapper Girl
Eye Glasses: Petits et Jolis


  1. You are so darling! I love this whole look. Those glasses are amazing! And, as always, I'm tickled to see you rocking at Lady Tie :)