1960's and counting


Well in the last month business has been steadily growing and growing and Tea With Gladys is flourishing! I've had so much support and positive feedback it just makes me feel even stronger about my life decision to open up my own shop!

In further news I bought a new dress, a new Camera ( Happy Anniversary Canon!) and as you can see, I need a new tripod. After delicately placing my new cam on top of boxes and display items, I managed to snap these of my new dress. What you can't see is my inner soul shaking at the thought of my new Canon crashing down from my shoddy make shift heights.

The shoot didn't last too long to say the least.

BUT how adorable is this little number? It's from Exile Vintage...one of my fav online vintage shops. They seem to always have what I'm looking for!

Earrings: Queen's Antiques

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  1. Oh goodness, I thought that was your house for a moment! How cute would that be? Next time I'm heading up to Toronto, I'll be sure to pop in the shop!

    A Coin For the Well