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It's been awhile since I last blogged, but let me tell you...running your own business/storefront all on your own is VERY TIME CONSUMING. Sometimes I see friends, sometimes I watch movies, sometimes I sit on the couch for 20 min...basically all I have is SOME TIME. Not a lot, only some. I am by no way complaining, because I love what I do. It just happens to be what I do 85% of the time.

Tea With Gladys is doing very well, hence the busy-ness. I have found time to train and race my 10th half marathon this September (with a pretty decent time of 1:46:33---average training!), I have illustrated, visted my parents once at the end of August, made Cotton Candy Halloween costume out of 3 bags of cotton balls, celebrated Penny's 2nd birthday, all whilst workin 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. Can you tell I like to be busy?!? Oh and I also chopped all my hair off. It was a long time coming--- Here are some snapshots of my ongoings + what not. Think of this as an illustration, outfit, DIY, everything under the sink kind of post.

I cut my hair!! bye bye long strands!



Penny turns Two!

Happy Halloween 2013! I was Cotton Candy...yes

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