Oh my lan. I think we can finally say Spring is here. There is a minor blip on it's way...a chilly Tuesday with a potential for snow BUT every other day surrounding that 2 degree day is bird chirpingly wonderful!

I am saying goodbye to my parka. To my black pants. To the my wooly socks. To my scarves and mitts. To all my greys. To all my blahs. Until next year...

I am saying hello to all my dresses, paitently awaiting their turn. To my bright, pastel wardrobe. To frozen yogurt dessert nights. To running OUTSIDE. To all the Ahhhs that spring has to offer. Today I am Spring.

Dress: ebay

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  1. AHHHH! That dress is adorbs!!! I too am very very excited to get back in my dresses. Goodbye tights and sweaters! Goodbye layering! Goodbye boots! Hello FREEDOM!