Fashion is an art too!

I've decided to switch up my blog and not only incorporate my illustrations, but also my love for fashion. For those that are unaware, I have run my own little online vintage clothing store for approx. 6 years now. ( formally on Ebay, now on Etsy) called Tea With Gladys. I've had lots of requests to share my daily outfits or special finds and I thought, WHY NOT? I am a thrifter at heart and love my bargains! I love sharing the cool little  online boutiques I come across/empty my wallet on. So welcome to Darcy's li'lstrations, the home of quirky drawing and even quirkier clothing:)

Why I wore this today: it is approx. 20 degrees out, and I have missed my high-waisted, short, navy pencil pants sooo much. I've come to realize you can only wear these sockless, or with a patterned tight and heels. They look horrible with boots. The cream top was a $4.99 find at value village and I've gotten into this groove of tying all of my blouses just under the belly button. The brown leather loafers were a steal at $3.99 at the Salvation Army, but much to my chagrin the sole is coming off and I have already begun searching for a new pair. ( old new pair) I am also Brooch addict. They are my favourite form of jewellery. This one in particular is adorned with cute flamingoes.

Top: Thrifted
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Thrifted
Brooch: a gift from my loving mother
Total Outfit Cost: $23.00

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