Movie Poster: Final School Project. eeek.

Who knew that after 4 years of obtaining an illustration degree, my final project would be so...serious? I thought I would be ending on a bow filled, pink dotted, rosy cheeked note. Alas, I decided to try something a little out of my comfort zone ( no cotton candy colors here!). Out of a list of over a 100 amazing movies to choose from, I chose "Schindler's List," mostly because it is such a gut wrenching, amazingly emotional ride of a movie. To this day the scene with the little girl in the red coat gets me every time. For those that haven't seen the movie...DO IT. And for those that have, hopefully the poster makes sense.  And yes, I did sew the little coat myself.

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  1. Since I am so freaking much into history, I really love this movie! I like war films in general, they always help me to understand more what was happening at those cruel times.