darcy's dresses: Top 12

I love dresses. If my closet were to have explosive diarrhea, the majority of clothes that would be expelled would be dresses. Some girls have an affinity for shoes, mine is for dresses. I have dresses that I purchased purely for the fact that they were beautiful, with no intention of even wearing them. I have dresses that I only wear ONCE a year as to not over exert their appearance. I have dresses that I wear 5 times a month because they are just so darn comfortable.  It can be an expensive collection at times, but nothing beats the feeling of adding a new dress in my already stuffed closet.

Here are my top 12 favourites, in no particular order:

Peter Pan collars get me every time-- Shope Ruche

A gift from Taylor, he knows me too well
Polka dots are my best friend-- Urban Outfitters

Ok I know this is a jumper and not a dress, but I wear it like one-- ASOS

I always check the kids section!-- Old Navy Kids

Handmade for me by a woman in Australia. This is 
vintage velvet AND vintage lace.

I bought this years ago at a small boutique in Halifax
called "Peepshow girly boutique," which has since been closed. 
The colors remain timeless though!-- Kensie

Thrifted from a little second hand shop in Fredericton called Renue Boutique 

Handmade Illustrated dress from NeNeee

Thrifted dress from ebay. Never Worn. Straight from the 50's, awaiting the perfect occasion.

Bought for the Summer! Pretty much the brightest piece I own-- Club Couture

A simple polka-dotter that stole my heart from H&M

I always go to give this away or re-sell it but the bottom gets me everytime 
and makes me realize why I purchased it in the first place-- ModCloth

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