5 Dresses in 2 days. A Feat with many Feet

Thanks to my wonderfully talented sister Hilary, and her big win as the 2011 H&M MMVA fashion blogger, my closet become a little fuller this past weekend. With $250 dollars cash to spend on WHATEVER I wanted ( it was also payday so I did not feel guilty IN THE least) I found 5 adorably cute and wonderfully amazing dresses that normally I may not have splurged on. I mean the most expensive one was only $60 and that's hardly a lot for a beauty dress...so you might say I used my gift thriftly and wisely.

Zara seemed to be a hot spot and I snagged 2 dresses ( one black one red.) as well as a pair of red sailor inspired pants from Zara girls ( I love being short for this reason only). 

At Forever 21 ( which is a hit or miss from season to season) was a HIT and I purchased a cat patterned dress and this lovellllly lace dress pictured below. How this was only $27.00, I don't know. All I know is that is has a peter pan collar and it's mine. Twill post the others in time as they are worn. It is the season of dresses.

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