Cotton Candy: Scene 1 , Act 1

I decided after a long day working on graphics at work and making over 30 loots bags for an upcoming party, I would whip out my paint brush at approx. 1130pm and start painting. I don't know how to gauge these urges, they just come about. What I have come to learn as that when they do surface, to follow through.

Anyhoo, I decided that to round up my food people series I would finish off with the prettiest and yummiest of them all...cotton candy. With my strong love and admiration for this particular treat I'm surprised I hadn't attempted it before.

So here is the VERY beginnings of my painting. Lots more to do, but decided to share the process. I took a really quick pic under very orange lighting, so ignore the 70's chesterfield feeling.

*OH YES, and in very spectacular and exciting news, my sister Hilary has WON the 2011 H&M fashion blogger for the MMVA's. She is currently set up in a hotel, downtown Toronto picking out her outfit for her interview with Fefe Dobson tomorrow with a $1000 H&M gift certificate and $500 spending money in her hand. Oh and she has graciously given me $250 to spend on whatever I want...needless to say We'll be shopping. Check out her highlights and profile page on Much Music HERE! You can also check out her wondy little lifestyle/fashion blog called Girl About Towns. Yippee for Hilly!

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