The LBD (the little brooch dress)

I was so excited to begin this project and onced I started I knew I had to move full throttle onwards to the finish. After a few revisions,  deciding that purchasing my own printer to make my own label/stickers, and an entire afternoon of photographing the final product, the fruits of my labour were born!

Now available on my Etsy store, The LBD (little brooch dress) promises to be a dress that will always fit, always look cute and always be a statement piece! I also took the time to name and give each brooch their own identity, which I always do ( mostly to use up all my favorite names that I know Taylor will never agree to naming our children) which helps in making them that more personal.

I have a few more colours and lots of designs that will be added in the coming weeks, hoping that every girl can find that special one that resonates with her:)

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