Tea Time with TayTee and my Teal Terrace set

I have been eyeing this little bistro cafe set for ever and ever. ( well since May really) It started at a steep $89.00 ( which I would have done but had other cute dresses to purchase)  Of all places it was at our lcoal Superstore ( yippee to PC!) Low and behold, after promising Taylor to clean up and declutter our balcony area, I finally got my breakfast/tea/reading nook set a(s I like to call it.)

 It was purchased at a much more attractive price ($39.99) and I am beyond elated.  Taylor isn't as excited as I am...( he's still in awe over the new tv set)  but I bet anything I'll catch him one morning drawing or pondering in our adorable nook. Next thing for the balcony...a little herb garden!


  1. Haha, the Taylor pics are funny. I'd like to meet him! The color is AWESOME. I found a can of robin's egg blue rust paint and painted all my odds and ends of furniture with it (back in Halifax). It was a few shades darker than your bistro set.

  2. mmmm sounds so pretty!! Taylor is pretty funny...His serious pictures are far and few in between! Hoot and a Half!