Sew be it.

I began the day with more brooch construction. I then took a little break went to the mall and ended up falling in love with these Ramon Tenza shoes. I must have had embroidery on the mind.

I literally walked the length of the mall twice, deciding wether or not to splurge on these beautiful, incredibly comfortable shoes. (Yes I do tend to go insane when I am shopping.) After talking with my mom and both sisters I made the decision to take these little shell-adorned shoes home. They set me back $100, but I fully believe they are worth it. They look like my grandmother may have owned them at some point, but that means A+ shoes in my books.

I also had an extra little dress floating around so I did a quick li'lstration with it. Her name is Penny and she is celebrating my new shoe purchase with me. Illustrations are so lucky...their shoes and clothes are just created for them. They don't have to spend an hour making a decision on a purchase. Oh to be drawn...


  1. I just 'landed' here by accident but I really like your blog so I'm following you now :)


  2. Thanks so much Ester! Twill do the same:)

  3. oh my god. those shoes are so pretty!


  4. thanks so much!! They are so comfy too:)