Darcy ILLUSTRATED ( by 8 year olds)

Every Friday I look forward to my Jr. Lollipop (ages 8-12) Art Club at Lollipop Art Lounge. Last week was the very first class of the fall season and I decided to give a lesson on drawing from life and the benefits of keeping a sketchbook for this purpose. ( and yes this is totally a case of practice what you preach...which I don't...oops.)

We did some blind contour activities, (which brought on a bout of hilarious giggles) and then to end the lesson they did their very first life drawing. The model...me of course! They did such an awesome job and  I think they captured my Dorothy Perkins lemon top and vintage, mint green earrings with the outmost pizzaz:)

Matthew observing

neccessary red hair

"MRS." Darcy


my little artists