NB treats

I have been somewhat absent in the last week. The reason: I was in NB visiting the fammy, sans imac. HOWEVER, I packed light and returned with a suitcase pack so tightly I literally used twist ties to keep the  zippers from opening.

So many new vintage clothing items, so much cute house additions found at garage sales and thrift shops. My sweet little sister Cassidy from Shorts & Sweets hemmed THREE dresses for me as she's become such an awesome little seamtress as of late.

The following outfit includes: A vintage Kitten printed scarf from the Saint John Value Village, A vintage knitted cream cape from Lovely Betty and a beautiful rusted high waisted skirt from good ole' H&M.

To match my outfit I came across these autumn colored MELAMINE mini plates and cups. (side note: I am in love with all that is Melamine. I got the whole lot for $5!

I also picked up this. Apparently you make pot holders with it. I am going to try and make a quilt. 


  1. That cape is amazing! Good find! Also jealous of the plates.
    <3 Kastles

  2. Thanks so much Kassandra! Melamine is such a dream huh?? I bought them from an old lady who wouldn't budge the marking price of $5. I guess she loved her melamine too:)