I would like to dedicate this entire post to mine and Taylor's newest little bundle of sweetness, Penny. Yesterday, I feverantly jetted to PetSmart where they were having an adoption event with Forever Home Cat Rescue.

I had been eyeing some little kittens from their online database, however everyone I had inquired about had been adopted the evening before. When I read about Penny's ( then BlueBelle) story and saw how adorable she look, I thought, I CAN'T MISS HER TOO! When I got to PetSmart, I scanned for her little grey ball of fur and was so upset when I didn't spot her right away. BUT she was hiding in a little tube thing and my heart and Taylor's melted instantly.

Within minutes she was ours! She is a Russian Blue and is 8 weeks old. She is sooo cuddly and sweet and knew her way to the litter box right away:)

Forever Home Cat Rescue provided all of her first shots, the fee for her to get spayed when she is old enough, as well as free kitty litter, and a huge bag of free Purina Pro Choice food,  all for a discounted adoption fee of $125.

And trust me, she got plenty of amazing Martha Stewart cat toys and accessories. So excited to have her in our lives:)

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