Textile Art with my Little Lollipoppers!

My Little Owl ( ages 4.5-7) textile art class is one of my favorite classes to teach. I have so many cool ideas and mixing fashion into the mix makes things even more exciting!

Last week we created a pair of  Bleach Tye Dye leggings, or as I called them " Bubblegum Galaxy Tights." I'm pretty sure one of my students even threw in the word "Hollywood" or "Celebrity" Bubblegum Galaxy Tights. All you need are a pair of cotton leggings, a blend of  bleach and water and elastics. Darker colors like green, navy or purple work even better because those pigments are easy to remove. The lighter colors and of course red ( the hardest pigment to get out EVER) are a little trickier. But the subtly of the girls' leggings turned out really well. They were IN LOVE with them and they were absolutely adorable.

the process!

Bubblegum Galaxy Leggings

Teacher & Students aka models

 I love these gals!

This week we created our own Doily lanterns. After raiding the Value Village and Goodwill of all their round Doilies we went to town! All we did was layer the doilies onto the balloons with copious amounts of wallpaper glue. They are still drying but once completely done, we will pop the balloon and we'll be left with a gorgeous doily lantern. Add a light and you will have the prettiest shadows on the block!



    My goodness, it's my dream!


  2. I wish sometimes I was 6 and doing this! I remember doing paper plate crafts at Sparks...Just trying to make art cool & relavent for the little ones! Thaks so much Kristina! I wish you were in my class!