Today I am going to feature one of my favorite illustrators. Seriously, this gal is amazing and she hasn't even graduated yet. Nayoun Kim is beyond talented. She has managed to already snag a spot in Applied Arts, is constantly being featured on Society6, and is pumping out some of the best illustrations of the current graduating year at Sheridan. She basically rocks. Plain and simple. I wanted to buy one of her prints for awhile now but honestly couldn't decide which one I wanted. I just wanted everything. I finally settle on "thinking" because I love the palette and it looks so nice on my wall.

Nayoun is also the sweetest girl on earth.

Thank you so much Nayoun and keep being wonderful!

"Thinking" framed and up!

it looks so pretty! ( currently trying to fill my whole wall)

Ok and I had to feature a few of my favs!!!
"Blue Monster"



"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."


  1. Darcy~~~ thank you for the lovely lovely sweet comments!!! I really appreciate it!! ♥♥♥♥♥ lm so glad my picture is on your place!

  2. so cute drawing. unfortunately i suck at it :(


  3. Darce - her stuff is such fun! Is there some way I can purchase one/make purchase inquiries? I want!
    Emily G

    1. you can buy from her Society6 store! http://society6.com/artist/NayounKim