BEE a shoe, BEEBEE a shoe!

Ok first things first....I got my second pair of embroidery shoes. I have been IN Love with them ever since I found my little shell shoes. I then became introduced into the world of By Paige, Stubbs & Wootton and Zalo shoes. Know any more? Tell a girl! ( that girl being me). Oh and don't even get me started on the Jeffery Campbell Cat Litas...They are number one on my Christmas List!

I found these wondies on Etsy at a little shop called Arkival Threads.  They are super accomodating, and super nice! So make sure to check by their store often!

Top: Thrifted and borrowed from my sis
Pants: bought from a little boutique called Boa
Shoes: Van Eli ( Arkival Threads)
Socks: H&M

IN OTHER NEWS THAT INVOLVES ILLUSTRATION: ( I tried my best to make it read more like headline news...front page if you will.)

I'm currently working on this project that I can't really say much about. I can't say who it's for, and I can't actually share full page spreads or even tell you what it is. I know...so interesting huh? Well It's actually  a Christmas commission so it's top secret. However I couldn't help but share a bit of the palette and some oh so cropped in and non-completed sections. 

Also I hope all of you are currently listening to Christmas music every day.

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