Today I attempted to finish all my Christmas shopping. I am literally 2-3 presents away from being complete. I always end up picking up way more for people then I originally budgeted out. I'm a total sucker for the front cash goodies too. Everything is JUST SOOOO neat and a MUST HAVE there. REALLY!

I am in the works of getting a new winter coat...(like a legitimate Canadian winter coat) but until then I have been snuggling down in this Faux Fur beauty from Joe Fresh. I bought it last year once it had gone down 50% and it is just as beautiful as ever!

Coat: Joe Fresh
Leggings: Renue Boutique

OOOOOO AnnnddddDDDD...I also picked up some little treasures from Value Village today as well. Take a look at some of my favorite finds:

Vintage fabric for my next skirt. I couldn't pass up skipping girls and balloons...and leprechauns

A turquoise DOILY....it was love at first sight
A vintage Oscar de la Renta fruit Scarf. AND IT'S PEACH!

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