Lollipop Open House

I'm sorry for my leave of absence as of late. I have been SOOO busy, I've only had time to wash my hair twice in the last two weeks and my eyebrows have totally gone to the wayside.  On that unhygenic note, I am slowlyyyy but surely having some time to myself after work which means GYM, READING & DRAWING...oh and Christmas shopping online.

Much to my chagrin I cannot share recent Etsy purchases because they are for loved ones and then what would be the point of wrapping it up so lovely?! I realllly wish I could because I found some ADORABLE finds. I love buying presents!!

Ok first I would like to share with you what is at the top of my Christmas list this year. THIS IS WHAT IS WANT AND THAT IS ALL.

Ok and in further news, Lollipop had their very first open house. I was a part of a fabulous evening ( albeit quite & intimate) but a great time nonetheless. I had a little booth along with some other local artisans. I sold two Violet Brown books and two of my newly revamped LBDs ( Little Brooch Dresses).

Other artisans included, Taryn Gee,  Liv & Lily, Cupid's Cupcakes and Bluefrog jewelery. Here are some snip snaps!

Revamped Broochies!!



Taryn Gee!


  1. You are so A MAZE inggggggg. I want to have your talent and imagination when I grow up:)

  2. KIM!! thank you!!! You made me internet blush!!