Oh Meow, Mew Decor!

Well I sneaked this one in past Taylor! As said before, Taylor is not my number one decor fan. I get not every guy ( or girl) is a fan of candy colored, pastel softness, animal kitschy, vintage holiday items. I on the other hand, could live inside a candy shop if need be. (you can check it out here!)

I picked up these ADORABLE little kitten hangy thingies right before Christmas at work. They just screamed Allan-Brown apartment! They are made by Djeco, one of the cutest and most original/unique toy brands in the world. ( their website is also SUPER cute and interactive!!)They have some seriously talented illustrators/artist working for them. If you have kids or know kids that love art..GET SOME DJECO STUFF! Their decor line is also to die for. You'll have the cutest kids room on the block!

Penny was also a fan and spent a good 15 min just staring and probably wondering if she would be able to rip them down.

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  1. I like them! It looks like Penny is going to find a way. Somehow...